About Prime Pastries:

Prime Pastries is a laminated dough manufacturer that is located in north Toronto, Canada. We offer
an infinite range of products either in the raw frozen, "proof & baked", "freezer to oven" and "thaw & serve"
  • Croissants - all butter, blended and plain
  • Danishes - pockets, folds, twist, bear claws and ring cakes
  • Puff Pastries - turnovers, fruit sticks, strudel puffs & puff sheets
  • Cinnamon Rolls
Prime Pastries distinguishes itself from other bakery manufacturers through the natural fermentation
of its dough for 4 to 24 hours. This process allows our products to naturally ferment, getting a more
natural malting of the flour, improved bake characteristics and better flavor.

As a contract manufacturer, Prime Pastries is capable of adapting to your needs. We can manufacture
according to your specifications ie. Size, ingredients and packaging. Our products can be found in major
supermarkets and foodservice outlets in Canada, the USA and some International Markets.

Why Choose Prime Pastries:

  • Highest standards of quality control from dough production to packaging
  • Long Fermentation of dough achieving a developed flavor and better bake color
  • Custom Design Service to meet your specific needs ie. Private label
  • Versatility – a variety of sizes and packaging options to choose from
  • HACCP Certified
  • Kosher certified facility
  • Ship across Canada, USA and overseas